Salary Warrants and Deductions

    File: DLB-R


    Regular Staff

    Salary direct deposits are issued on the last working day of each month.

    Substitute Staff

    Direct deposits are issued the last working day of each month. Certificated/classified substitutes are paid for teaching hours worked from the 11th of the previous month through the 10th of the current month in which the warrant is issued. Classified substitutes are paid for hours worked from the 11th of the previous month through the 10th of the current month in which the warrant is issued.

    Total Staff

    Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees. Forms must be filed at payroll before start of employment.


    Federal Withholding Tax

    The U. S. Government requires that income tax be withheld from total earnings. Withholding exemption certificate W-4 must be filed with Payroll Services on or before start of employment. Form W-4 shall remain in effect until a new form is filed with Payroll Services.

    Federal Insurance Contributions Act(Social Security)

    Under the law, Social Security deductions shall be made from the salary direct deposits each month until the maximum amount has been deducted. Employees who change names with the Social Security Administration must also notify Human Resources and Payroll Services.

    Federal Social Security coverage is accumulated by quarters as follows:

    January 1 - March 31..................... First Quarter

    April 1 - June 30.............................. Second Quarter

    July 1 - September 30.................... Third Quarter

    October 1 - December 31............... Fourth Quarter

    State Retirement – TRS I, TRS II, TRS III

    Deductions shall be withheld from salary direct deposits each month for contributions to the Teachers Retirement System for all qualified employees working in an eligible position.

    State Retirement – PERS I, SERS II, SERS III

    Deductions shall be withheld from salary direct deposits each month for contributions to the Public Employment Retirement System for all qualified employees working in an eligible position.

    Medical Insurance

    An employee may authorize Payroll Services to make deductions for a district approved medical plan. Medical plans have an open enrollment period from September 1 through October 10 for new enrollments or any changes. Thereafter, the plans are closed except to new employees who must enroll within the first 30 days of employment. New family members (by birth or marriage) may be enrolled with 30 days of the event. Cancellation of any plan may take place any time throughout the year upon written notice to Payroll Services.

    Worker’s Compensation Insurance/State Industrial Insurance

    By law all employees are covered for personal injuries sustained during the course of their employment.

    403(b)/Tax Deferred Annuities

    Employee may participate in a 403(b) tax deferred annuity plan from one or more of the district approved companies with our third party administrator (TPA). Employees may elect to reduce their salary and participate by completing a withholding authorization form and submitting it to our TPA. Enrollment, changes, and cancellations may be made any time during the year, however, only one change in the annual reduction amount may be made in a calendar year.

    State of Washington Deferred Compensation Program (DCP)

    Employee may participate in the state’s DCP program by completing an enrollment form provided by the DCP program. Enrollment, changes, and cancellations may be made in accordance with the rules of the program.

    Other Optional Benefits

    Cancer, long term care, optional life, accident, pre-paid legal, short-term disability insurances; and flexible spending account section 125 are available to all benefit eligible employees.

    Association and Organization Dues

    An employee through his association or organization may authorize payroll services to make deductions for dues.



    RCW 28A.58.560 through 28A.58.570
    RCW 28A.58.740
    RCW 28A.67.095 through 28A.67.096
    RCW 41.04.230
    RCW 41.04.020
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    Lake Washington Education Association Agreement, Article 7 and 22.4
    School District Trades Bargaining Council Agreement, Article II
    Lake Washington Association of Educational Support Professionals Agreement Article 20 and Appendix B
    Lake Washington Service Employees International Union Agreement, Article V

    Payroll Procedures/Payday Schedules (DL/DLA)

    Elementary school student reading book titled "Math=Fun! Shapes and Patterns".

    Foundations and Basic Commitments (Reference Code A)

    General School Administration (Reference Code C)

    District and school administrators working together

    Policies about the school district management, the administrative structure and school building and department administration. Here, you will find the personnel policies that pertain to one the superintendent. See the Personnel section below for all other personnel policies.

    Fiscal Management (Reference Code D)

    Support Services (Reference Code E)

    Facilities Development (Reference Code F)

    Personnel (Reference Code G)

    School principal and staff members working together in a classroomThe personnel policies are divided in three main subdivisions: topics that pertain to all employees; policies that pertain to professional personnel, including administrators, who must hold educational certification by the state to serve in their positions; and policies pertaining to all other personnel.

    Negotiations (Reference Code H)

    Staff members working together on a laptopThese policies pertain to the process of negotiating with staff units recognized by the school board.

    Instruction (Reference Code I)

    Student raises hand while elementary school teacher talks to classPolicies on instructional program: basic programs, special programs, activities programs, instructional resources and academic achievement.

    Students (Reference Code J)

    A group of diverse students sing during assemblyPolicies concerning students are found here: admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline and health and welfare services. Policies pertaining to the curriculum, instruction of students, and extracurricular programs are in the Instruction section.

    School-Community Relations (Reference Code K)

    Community volunteer works with elementary school studentPolicies affecting relations with the general public and with community and public agencies except other educational agencies and groups.

    Education Agency Relations (Reference Code L)